What’s so special about Polarized Glasses?


What’s so special about polarized glasses?

They eliminate glare that bounce off shiny surfaces such as water, sand, snow, dews, reflections from vehicles, windows and buildings.

Porlarized glasses are great for fishing, golfing, jogging, biking, driving, skiing, water sports, etc.

D70P Chrome-Polar Aviators Polarized Sunglasses
D10P Demi-Polar Wraps Polarized Sunglasses

Light Sensitive

Those with light-sensitive eyes  also use polarized lens indoors.  You can also use these to cut out bright lights from windows or glares from flood lights and computers.

Cut out the glare


Polarized lens give relief from eye stress and fatigue.  Brown and copper colors accentuate contrast between colors and sharpen images – best for golfing, fishing and driving.  For cutting out glare and retaining natural true colors, dark polarized lens in smoke, gray and green tints are best.

D86P Dark-Fit Overs (Large) Polarized Sunglasses