Welcome to eye2i


eye2i, a complete eyewear company, is your one stop shop for all kinds of eyewear.  We are proud to bring you all kinds of stunning sunglasses, reading glasses, eyewear accessories and displays for retail stores.




At eye2i, we have full array of sunglasses to suit everyone… from  Fashion, for men, women, unisex, and even kids. 


We’ve collected a number of par for course styles designed to improve your golf fame. 

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Our variety of sunglasses have been specially designed not just for men, but for women and teens who like to spend their days on the course.


eye2i’s Polarized sunglasses are crafted with the highest quality polarized lens that have been specifically designed to cut down on the glare.

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We have polarized glasses for fishing, sports, fashion, fit overs – that go over the prescription glasses and clip/flip on that attach to prescription glasses.



Need a pair of glasses when you’re outdoors or engaging in any physical activity?

At eye2i, we have a wide selection of sports sunglasses available at all price levels to fit all budgets. 

Our special edition wrap around sports sunglasses are also produced with eight curves, ensuring a snug fit no matter how rough your sport is.

Reading Glasses

eye2i has established itself as a leader in the market by offering one of the most extensive ranges of reading glasses. 

eye2i carries regular readers – for men, women and unisex – funky readers that all come with their own matching cases, tube readers, sunglass readers, bifocal sunglasses and polarized bifocal sunglasses. 

We provide most of our readers with cutting-edge high quality stylish frames that you can take to your optician and have them fit these with prescription lens. 

Everything we do is with excellence and at the highest quality…

Let eye2i  give you the quality eyewear you will be proud of…