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We have been part of the sunglasses and readers business for almost two decades. Beginning  as a family company eye2i now prides itself on its extended family of dedicated sales representatives.

We Value

We value commitment, excellent customer service, honesty, hard work, quality and fair rewards:

  • Commitment to providing the best possible product to our customers at best possible price, and commitment to each other to ensure that eye2i becomes the number one provider of eyewear in North America.
  • Excellent customer service that will make our customers happy to see us and make them want to do business with us.
  • Honesty that makes working together and with our customers easy and fun.
  • Hard work that makes the rewards we gain so much sweeter.
  • Fair rewards so we can enjoy life, support our families and know that our efforts are worthwhile.
  • Quality in our products and in our work so our customers know they always have new styles and good products to offer their own customers.

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Our mission is to provide all retail accounts with the kind of affordable stylish eyewear that would make their customers think of them first when they need sunglasses, reading glasses or even a quick and fun gift for friends or family. One day we hope to be the most successful provider of eyewear in North America.



Our price points for sunglasses and reading glasses (the best value in market!) are among the lowest in our segment because our buying is often consolidated with that of buyers from several European countries.

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Another point of emphasis for eye2i is style.  We have an edge over the competition in this area because of our close coordination with our European counterparts. Europeans, particularly, the French and the Italians, are trendsetters in eyewear and our business associates have a good market share in these markets. This Association helps us introduce the latest as well before our competitors. Because we often consolidate our production with other countries we are not under pressure to produce in large-scale to benefit from economies of scale.


Our competitors generally suffer from obsolete styles that they sell at reduced prices. We think it’s important to keep styles fresh, so we take back obsolete styles and replace them with new ones so our displays are always new and exciting.

Customer Service

We are known for focusing on our customers and providing great customer service. Our customers can order from reps but they can also order from the website, by phone, by fax or even from an electronic catalog. Whichever way our customers order our sales representatives are assured of their for sale from customers opened by them. Customers can even return slow-moving styles for replacement with more current ones. Our Reps focus on helping their accounts by advising on trends and new styles and providing administrative support for writing orders, account receivables and so on.