counter top displays

eye2i  offers three types of counter top displays. 


Counter Top Quad Spinner. 

Two different mechanisms.  Nose rests and ears for regular sunglasses and traditional reading glasses.  Pegs for Funky Readers to place the coordinating case right behind the matching frame. You can read more about this here.

Height: 30″ Base: 8.5″

Four combinations:

  1. All four sides for sunglasses/regular readers
  2. All four sides for funky readers
  3. 2 sides each for sunglasses and funky readers
  4. One side for funky readers and 3 for sunglasses/regular readers

12 pc Tower Display

12 pc Tower Display with adjustable mirror.  Ideal for places where counter space is at a premium.  Holds 12 pairs of glasses.  Base: 7″ D x 8″W.  Height: 34″

Click Here for assembling instructions.  


Small Funky Readers Display

This tiny funky reader display fits on a shelf or check out counter where space is at a premium. You can display five styles of Funky Readers on each side – a total of ten varieties can fit in this tiny display.  Yes, it will be wise to have backup stock of displayed styles in different strengths to make sure that your customer gets exactly what she needs. 

Height 15″.  Base 5.5″